Friday, May 25, 2007

Update from John Nadolski, May 21

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayers, calls, and emails. I am doing well and really enjoyed the 2nd graders. Their teacher had been hurt in a car accident and when she was feeling better was in another accident. Both times she was rear-ended and the other guys were at fault. Pray for her healing. Here is an update from John that I got tonight. I only added a couple of comments. Thanks again. Love, Marcia

Y’all are doing a mighty job keeping me covered in prayer and I truly appreciate your prayers and the answers to these prayers. Here are some examples:

- First week in Nairobi: I spent the week in town, meeting with partners and buying supplies for the trip. It seemed that I found everything I tried to buy and that’s unusual for Kenya, even for a big town like Nairobi. Usually, the shop owner tells me that he will get it tomorrow and that really never happens. But, on this trip, everything was available when needed. It felt good to have this success, but my partner decided to hold off on getting the supplies. This was a big lesson for me – trust God and not trust in my own understanding.

- Seeing God’s bigger picture: Sometimes things change and you wonder why. The issue with the supplies is one of those things. But, I did get a glimpse of the total picture when I got to northern Kenya. My partner had enough supplies to get started and the bull-dozer was there, waiting for me to lead the way. So, it all turned out for the good. PTL.

- Life at Camp: Imagine going to a windy area of northern Arizona and pitching a little tent against the wind. That’s the main camp. I have a cot and it takes up about half the tent. I can store most of my stuff under the cot and that gives me some room to sort out supplies for the day. Camp is no picnic, but it’s OK. You can imagine the food (beans, rice and ugali) and the conveniences (or lack there of). But, you go on.

- Life at the worksite. It’s a bit more rustic at the worksite. Take away the tent, the cot, but add porridge for breakfast. You crawl under the flat-bed trailer to get shelter from the sun and we sleep on top of the flat-bed trailer to get off the desert floor at night. There are five of us: the dozer operator, his assistant, two guys from the Kenya security forces and me.

- project(s) are going well:
o One dam finished and the other one almost finished. I am really satisfied with the success on the second dam. It’s big, strong and will store a lot of water without eroding away.
o Dozer scooped out the area for two of the cement tanks. They brought supplies and they should start them this week.
o One cement tank is closer to being done. Three or four other sites picked out to repair/rehabilitate cement tanks.
o No sunburn, no snakebites, no malaria. I’m feeling well. I talk to Marcia often and she’s in good spirits and good enough rest.
(I, Marcia do get to talk to John for about 10 -15 minutes at a time.)

- This is the last week of teaching for Marcia for this school year. She’s been substituting for a 2nd grade teacher at Oyster Creek Elementary School because the teacher was involved with a bad auto accident. Marcia’s been there for over six weeks and she’s bonded with the kids and co-workers. Please pray that Marcia has opportunities to show the love of Jesus to these precious people. (I finished teaching today for the year. I enjoyed the staff there a lot.)

- I’ve had one day of rest in town and now I had back to the field, to the construction site. Please pray for my health and safety. Also pray that I will be able to share the love of Jesus to these precious people. (All of the work crew members are Christian.)

- I’m sliding behind on my other LWI projects. Some of the project schedules are critical (at least in my mind). Please pray for wisdom on these other projects – and the time/strength to follow up when I can.

- Please continue to pray for peace in this area, through Christ.

I review the prayer list often and I pray for you, too. God bless you and keep you safe in the palm of his hands, John


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