Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ron & Cyndie Hamley Russian Itinerary

Pray for them as they travel and minister:
May 23 4:07 pm Depart SLO; 5:08 pm Arrive San Francisco
6:55 pm Depart San Francisco;
May 24 3:00 pm Arrive Frankfurt, Germany; 8:10 pm Depart Frankfurt
9:35 pm Arrive Vienna, Austria; 11:10 pm Depart Vienna
May 25 4:05 am Arrive Krasnodar, Russia; Stay in Krasnodar
Meet Team Members
May 26 Travel to Maicop - Team orientation and training.
May 27 Rest Day - Team orientation and training. Meet Interpreters
May 28 Conference - Presenting Dream Maker curriculum
May 29 Conference - Dream Maker curriculum
May 30 Conference - Ron and Cyndie present Effective Family Lecture
May 31 Conference - Spiritual emphasis, Inductive Bible Study
June 1 Rest Day
June 2 Travel to Novorossiysk
June 3 Attend Russian Orthodox Church? Meet Interpreters
June 4 Conference - Presenting Dream Maker curriculum
June 5 Conference - Dream Maker curriculum
June 6 Conference - Ron and Cyndie present Effective Family Lecture
June 7 Conference - Spiritual emphasis, Inductive Bible Study
June 8 - 9 Rest Days - Possible Tour
June 10 Travel to Krasnodar
June 11 5:00 am Depart Krasnodar; 6:05 am Arrive Vienna
June 11 - 16 Visit Vienna and Salzburg, Austria
June 17 11:10 am Depart Vienna; 2:35 pm Arrive Was/Dulles
5:51 pm Depart Was/Dulles; 8:02 Arrive Los Angeles
10:40 pm Depart Los Angeles; 11:44 pm Arrive SLO

Working with interpreters, our team will share Biblically based curriculum on ethics and morality with Russian public school teachers using a many-faceted approach. We hope to share the Christian world view and how it relates to society and the Biblical basis for morals and ethics. We pray the teachers will recognize the Bible as an authentic and personally relevant document. The goal of our trip is to share with the teachers the ISP curriculum called DreamMakers. Through interaction in small group settings we will share this curriculum designed to help teachers deal with the problems of drugs, alcohol and sexual issues their students may face. Cyndie and I have been asked to present a lecture on the Effective Family.

In addition, each teacher will view and receive a copy of the Jesus Film to show in their classes. At the end of the conference we will show interested Russian teachers how to start their own Bible Discussion Groups.

We covet your prayers so that by His grace, God will fill in all the gaps. Please pray that God will overcome the language and cultural differences (even among our team members) so that we may form bonds of genuine friendship. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the Ukraine teachers and draw them to himself. Pray also, that we all remain safe and healthy so that we may fully participate in the conference.

May God be glorified.
Ron and Cyndie


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