Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Peterson's Prayer Guide - April 2007

“Man looks up, and God looks down: Our eyes meet, and we are, in the twinkling of an eye, made partakers of the divine abundance…the full pours itself into the empty, and the empty receives the full.” Quote by Horatius Bonar, a Scottish pastor in the 1800’s

What a wonderful time of year this is! I love the delightful Spring weather, the new life in the garden, and Easter, with all its depth of meaning for us who believe. May our time of remembering Christ’s ultimate sacrifice be a catalyst for renewal of our love for Him and commitment to His purposes for our lives.

Here’s Gary’s Schedule for April:

4th and 13th – Face to Face Missionary Encounter – sharing with guests at Wordspring.

14th – special tour/share time with a visiting youth group.

18th – New Testament Scripture dedication service.

19th – 5 Kilometer (3.1 miles) Orlando Corporate Fun Run. Gary and 18 other Wycliffe runners will join 5,000 other runners for this race. It’s a great way to let the community know we’re here. Gary is recovering from an injury, so his dream of running a personal best has been replaced with being happy just to be able to run and represent Wycliffe.

20th – Mission At The Airport school field trip day, Clearwater, Florida. School kids from the area are invited to see & hear about Wycliffe’s aviation arm, JAARS, and go for a ride in one of their planes or helicopters. Gary will be sharing with the kids & teachers.

21st – It is being advertised in churches throughout the area and will be open to the general public.

28th – Gary will be giving devotions 5 times throughout the day for Upward Soccer at our church here. This is a sports outreach ministry and many of the families are not regular church attendees.

Esther had a very positive experience in Costa Rica. She sends out her own letters and has a “My Space” web site with photos if any of you are interested in keeping up with her more personally. ( Her car is continuing to have problems, so Gary plans to go over and swap cars with her soon so we can get hers repaired. We’re hoping it won’t be an expensive job! Please pray for Esther as she makes plans for her summer too. She has several ideas, but nothing is very clear yet, and it’s approaching quickly.

Josiah has been particularly busy with school lately. He seems to be dealing with the tyranny of the urgent. Pray that he’ll learn better how to stay on top with steady work instead of last minute rushes. He wrote to our local congressmen last month in hopes of getting financial help for his summer conference, but hasn’t had much response so far.

We really need to replace our roof soon. You may recall that we were talking about it last spring. It can’t be put off any longer. We received a good tax refund, so plan to use that to launch the project. We need to do some research and hope to do the work ourselves (to save $) with the help of friends. At this stage it looks like early May before we’ll have some time. We are planning to set off on a 5 week road trip on May 22nd, though, so this won’t leave us much time to get it done. Please pray for all the details to come together.

We are in need of a break, and have decided to go away for 4 days over Easter (Thurs. – Sunday), since we won’t be having small groups that weekend. We’re still looking for a place to stay (camping or an inexpensive hotel) towards where Esther is in college so she can join us for some of it. We look forward to visiting the church she’s involved with on Easter Sunday.

The “Just Walk Across the Room” campaign our church is doing is really good. We have had a lot of contact with neighbors again lately, and are praying for sensitivity to the Spirit as we relate to them. We want so much to be a light in this community. Members of our small group have some big needs right now, too. We’d be grateful for your prayers for wisdom as we support them.

Thanks again for standing with us. Robyn, for the Petersons


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