Thursday, May 17, 2007

Steffens' May Update

Dear friends and prayer partners,

We would like to begin sending an email update to our churches and supporters to supplement the quarterly newsletter that we now send by regular mail. We anticipate that it would be about once a month. This is the first attempt.

- As a result of a tract distribution that we did in the town of Camarma during Holy Week, we met a couple, Paco and Ana. They are a couple in their 60's with 5 grown children and have been believers for several years, but recently had not been going to church regularly. We've started a mid-week Bible study with them and they also are going to church with us on Sunday. They also desire to see a church start in Camarma!
- A good celebration service in Camarma April 21.
- Thanks to frequent flyer miles, our son, Michael is with us in Spain for most of May. He starts a summer job in Tennessee on June 2.
- We invited Ned's English students into our home for a merienda (afternoon snack) during Easter week. We gave each one a copy of the Jesus movie. It was a good time together with them and several others who came.

- For the people who came to the merienda to watch the Jesus movie and be impacted by it.
- Preparations for a work team from Northern Ireland who will help us put on English camps in Camarma during July.
- Michael is taking the DELE exam May 11. It is a Spanish language exam for non-Spaniards. - City elections in Camarma May 27. The Lord has given the evangelical community in Camarma grace in the eyes of the local government. Please pray that it will continue. It is interesting, our landlord is running for mayor.
- Ned had been meeting with a young man, Roqueta, for almost a year for a language exchange and Bible reading. He started a new job Feb. 1 and as a result we have not been able to consistently meet together. Please pray for aregular time for us to meet.
- Summer plans for all of us.

God bless you,Ned & Joanie Steffens


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