Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nadolski Update for May

I realize that we haven’t sent a newsletter for a few weeks. I want to give a brief update on John and his trip. He has a satellite phone that he uses when he wants to call me or the Living Water office. It is nice to actually hear his voice. The project is going well. They are finishing up the second dam and they only need to make five. He is currently staying at the dam site, so he and the rest of the crew are sleeping on the bed of a flatbed truck that hauls the dozer. He said he saw a group of people with camels stop to use the dam’s water storage area. He thought it was so neat to see that this was a good location and the people in the area will use it. A few of the people he is working with speak English, so he can communicate with the group somewhat. He is healthy and safe. God is so good. Back in Sugar Land, John is leading the Men’s committee and was recently asked to be a deacon at our church.

Steve is on his last week of the semester which is finals week. He has exams on Monday, Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday. He is also working as aquatics coordinator for the county this summer instead of being a lifeguard. This means he is already working and trying to help make sure the pools and beaches are adequately staffed for the summer. He seems to be enjoying the job. He is also helping teach a Sunday School class every other week. Steve is still doing some activities with the Morro Bay police department. He still wants to be a cop when he grows up.

Phil is living in Longview, Texas which is four hours north of Houston. We see Phil about once a month if he has a meeting in the Houston corporate office. Phil enjoys his job. He travels lots with it. He is a field engineer for CUDD Energy Services, who is spending lots of time in the field. Currently, he wants to buy a house. He has only started to look at what is available.

Tim and Marissa are doing well. Tim is still working at Synergetics and Marissa is finishing her PhD program. They are about done remodeling their house. They recently tackled their only bathroom. They do most of the work themselves. We will see what happens when Marissa finishes her program.

I have been busy substituting for a second grade teacher who was in two different car accidents. School ends on May 24th and most of the students think that the learning should be done now. I have been enjoying the assignment and the students. The days can be long, but it fills my days especially while John is gone. I will be going to California for a week to visit Steve and some friends in June. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. I enjoy the work that I’m doing at our church, too.

This is a snapshot of what is happening in our lives now. Let us know how you are doing and how we can pray for you. May God bless you abundantly.

Love, Marcia


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