Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 2007 Newsletter from the Gunns

Hello from Utah! March 2007

Ministry Update
Our whole family attended our annual Christmas Conference in Portland this year and helped put on several aspects of the conference. Miriam helped lead several seminars for women and I (Rob) was on the prayer team, which involved staffing a special room where students could come and quietly reflect or pray about what God was teaching them. We also took written requests to pray for and were there to pray with anyone who needed it. It was a special time and many students seemed to really benefit from this little oasis from the 500+ people attending.

Jessica and Ethan love going too, and got to participate in a prayer “journey”, and other activities along with the students... Jessica even got to do a special skit with other staff kids in front of the entire conference!

In January a group of students from Biola traveled to our campus to do a joint outreach with our group. The goal: to break down some barriers of mutual hostility and foster some honest dialogue with LDS students. It went very well and we are trusting God for where it might lead. One LDS institute teacher even invited me to speak in his class sometime-unheard of!

In February, we did our annual Winter Retreat – the theme, Using your gifts in a Superhero way. Miriam created an experiential time where there were 20 stations with questions designed to challenge thinking in terms of gifts and relationships toward one another and God. In addition to enjoying a different kind of time with the students, we brought our kids and several of their friends (and the guide dog, Sentinel) along. We love exposing our children to the faiths of young people whom they look up to.

During our weekly meeting, Rob has been teaching a survey of the Old Testament and has enjoyed it very much. I am also co-leading a study of the Sermon on the Mount with one of our student leaders and continue with the guys in the group one-on-one. As always we encourage students to reach out to others by several means. On March 26 we will be showing the film End of the Spear on campus. As you know, Mormons have a large missionary effort, and we hope this powerful story of Christian missionaries will lead to some fruitful discussions about real faith.

Please Pray:
1. For fruit from the Biola visit, especially if the opportunity to speak really occurs.
2. For a good turn out for End of the Spear, and resulting chances to share Christ.

Update: Thank you for praying for the students we mentioned in our last letter who were considering joining the LDS church. At this time, neither one has pursued it and the guy has broken up with his Mormon girlfriend! We praise God for that, but please keep them in prayer-they are still vulnerable at this time in their lives!

Family News

In January, Jessica underwent surgery on both feet for some extra bones in her ankles that have caused her a lot of pain. She missed school for a week, then, a wheel chair for a week, then crutches. She is walking fairly normally now, but still cannot run and with soccer season immanent we are thinking she may miss this season. It has been hard for her but by-and-large she has handled it well without much complaining.

Ethan is doing great in school; he recently brought home his first 100% spelling test! He is very busy with AWANAs and got a trophy at the Grand Prix for design!

Please Pray:
1. For the spiritual battle for our children’s hearts- For example: Jessica’s soccer coach has practice right in the middle of AWANAS. (But in God’s grace, she can’t go anyway because of her feet!)
2. That we can keep up a good balance with home life and ministry.

Thank you for your faithful support!

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