Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Costa Rica Bound - Esther Peterson

Hi guys! Just a quick note to let you all know that I am going to Costa Rica. There is a team of eight of us from Trinity College who are going down to help a missionary who is a Trinity graduate. We don't know much specifically about what we will be doing there, but we believe we will be working with kids and youth. I have been giving the team some Spanish lessons and teaching them some dramas and kids songs that I learned in Argentina. We will be leaving on March 3 and returning on the 12. I would appreciate prayers for our health and safety, spiritual protection, team unity, and that God would allow us to be used greatly by Him to bring Him glory in Costa Rica!! Thanks again to all who have given! I have nearly all the money I need for the trip. I also wanted to present a need in case God speaks to any of you about getting involved in the ministry of a friend of mine. In Argentina I met an amazing woman who is even shorter than me who has been trying for years to go to Cameroon as a missionary. God has finally made it possible and she is leaving March 3 for South Africa, but is still missing the money for the flight from there to Cameroon. She believes it will be about $700 US. I have started supporting her a small amount monthly because she's so awesome and I want to be involved in her ministry. She's in need of more support because the church in Argentina doesn't have very many resouces from which to give. If any of you feel a touch from God and are interested in supporting her with a one time gift for her trip or on a regular basis, please let me know. I can get you in contact with her and let you know how to send gifts for her. Her name is Daniela Larroca. I pray God's blessings on everyone recieving this e-mail! May God surprise you all with his amazing love and may you experience the abundant life He came to give you!! Much love in Him ~Esther~


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