Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day of Fasting for Pam Dudeck

We are making Tuesday, Sept. 9th, a day of fasting for Pam, seeking the Lord to restore her health.

Pam's insomnia has continued to wear down her strength. She is very fatigued. The doctors that she has consulted have been unable to give a diagnosis of the cause of her insomnia, and have only treated the symptoms by giving her sleep medications which have become progressively ineffective.

She will be seeing her primary doctor on Tuesday. We are praying for two things -- first that the Lord will miraculously restore Pam's ability to sleep. Second, if He does not do it miraculously, that the doctors will be able to come to a correct diagnosis and treatment.

I will be fasting all day Tuesday. Please join with me if you can. And please pray for me as well as for Pam, as we continue to persevere through this time of testing.

jdudeck@zenia.simcsg.sim.org Charlotte, North Carolina
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