Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nadolski - Prayer, Ghana 2008

Hello Friends and Family,

About a week ago, my boss asked me to go to Ghana, West Africa as soon as possible. At a time like that, all I can do was to pray and go. The trip planning has gone fast and it has gone well. I am scheduled to leave Houston on Friday, May 2nd and plan to be in Ghana the next day.

While in Ghana, I will work with our partner, African Assistance Plan, as they repair wells in flooded areas of north-east Ghana. Many, many wells were polluted and/or damaged during last year’s flood. About one-half of these wells are traditional, hand-dug holes with open tops. We will clean out, deepen (if needed), disinfect, and seal these wells. We will also install a new hand pump. After we are done, the local people will have a safe water supply for a long time.

It’s important to me to have your prayers while on this LWI project trip. We need your prayers for:

- Marcia: she’s home and busy teaching. Three teachers are out for maternity leave and Marcia is scheduled to substitute, filling in for all three of them at different times. She has a great time with the kids and this gives her a lot of opportunities to share the love of Jesus. Please pray for her day-to-day needs during this time.

- John is traveling to north-east Ghana. It’s a rough area; long distances between towns, no phones and usually no electricity. Local food is basic. The main food dish is ‘foo-foo’: pounded yams/corn/cassava. It tastes a lot like library paste. Please pray for John and the team to have wisdom, health and safety.

- Pray for opportunities for John and Marcia
o to share the love of Jesus,
o to honor God, and
o to tell others of God’s faithfulness.

Below is a prayer guide for the trip. Please remember to pray for me on these days (or others), and I will be praying for you, too.

Last fall, Living Water International started a well-rehabilitation program for flood victims in northern Ghana. Pastor David Donkor, LWI’s partner in central Ghana, worked hard to complete the project and he needs some help to finish in a timely way.

Specific prayer needs:
- As always, pray for Marcia.
- We will be working in northern Ghana, an area dominated by Muslim and animistic people. John has been asked to share the love of Jesus in word and deed. Pray for wisdom and opportunities.
- May is in the middle of the rainy season for northern Ghana. Rain is good, but too much can keep us from driving around. Please pray for our travel safety and health.

5/2 John leaves Houston and flies to Accra, Ghana
5/3 Arrive in Ghana. Visits with good friends
5/4 Church, worship, rest and visiting
5/5 Travel to Sunyani a city in the middle of Ghana: 6 hour drive
5/6-7 Get organized for project and gather supplies
5/8-10 Travel to northeast region: nine hour drive, meet with regional governor, get started on work
5/11 Church, worship, and rest. Mother’s Day in States. Please pray for Marcia, too.
5/12-14 Return to Sunyani. Train team on well drilling.
5/14-17 Continue training and project work.
5/18 Church, worship and rest. Many of the local people are refugees from the north. They bring their Muslim beliefs with them.
5/19-21 Help at bible-teaching school, started by Rev. Donkor.
5/22-24 Continue training and project work.
5/25 Church, worship and rest. I expect to preach at the same church throughout the trip.
5/26 -27 Meet with Alan and Patsy Fulton in southern Ghana.
5/28 Leave Gahana and fly to Houston.
5/29 Arrive in Houston. Be with MarciaThanks for all of your prayers and encouragement.


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