Monday, June 02, 2008

Peterson's Prayer Guide - June 2008

For all the world is mine and everything in it. I don’t need the bulls you sacrifice…What I want instead is your true thanks to God… giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors Me.
Ps. 50:12-14, 23

Esther made it safely to Melbourne, Australia on May 27th our time, (28th there). Thanks so much for your prayers for her! We had such a precious time with her in the last few weeks.

So far our air conditioner is still working fine. We’re trusting that when the time comes for us to have to replace it, God will supply the resources. He is faithful!

We had an unexpected, expensive car repair required this past week, but the week before we had received our gift from the government (economic stimulus package), so were able to pay for it. Thank You, Lord!

Gary writes: May was a VERY busy month for me. No sooner had we sent out the schedule than more groups booked or just showed up. I’m so tired when I come home at night, but it’s a good tired. (We hope to take a few days vacation as a couple (23rd-25th). Please pray for refreshment!) I’ve made some new contacts with groups who want to start booking their students in for one of our Mission Encounter programs. As mentioned in the last prayer guide, my partner, Mike has now left. God is starting to bring in some part time volunteers to help fill his role, but please pray for others to help share the work load as the program continues to grow.

May 7th we had a large group from Macon, Georgia. They had left at 4:30 AM to get here, yet they were still a keen group. One of the parents got so excited as he heard of the many opportunities that he asked if our missionary schools around the world could use computers. He is in charge of replacing computers for the local Air Force base. I immediately got him in touch with our Children’s Education director and the head of IT. Wow!

14th I had a group from Alabama – their 3rd year in a row. Their leader told me of a young lady from a previous visit whom they had been very concerned about. She had shown little or no interest in spiritual things, yet was very touched by the stories shared of how we got our English Bible and the role and power of prayer. She was to lead devotions for the group the next day, during which she broke down as she shared how God had spoken to her. Upon arriving home she told her family what she’d experienced, and her mother asked her to share with her women’s Bible study group. The women were so touched that they wrote to Wycliffe and took on the funding of a Wycliffe project - God’s multiplying effect!

I received a call while covering at the receptionist desk from a Campus Crusade director. She had brought a group of students from Alabama and Pennsylvania for a “quick visit” that ended up being the highlight of their trip. She wanted to thank the person who gave them a special tour and spent time with them and went on to tell stories of its impact on the students. She couldn’t remember the gentleman’s name, but asked me to find out who it was and thank him for them. I told her, “You just did”. I told her that the reason I believe God made such an impact was because of those who pray for our ministry, asking God to touch the hearts of those who come through our doors. She asked me to thank you!

Our two programs (A-Z & Mission Encounter) continue to get great feedback. At the recent Home School convention where I helped staff the Wycliffe booth, we had lots of families who had been through one of the programs stop by and thank us. It made it easy for us to promote the programs to others when we had so many satisfied customers!

These are just a sample of what God is doing in people for His Kingdom and glory. What a privilege to be on mission for God!

June’s schedule:

4th I will be the WordSpring host and morning tour guide. We never know who will show up, so pray that we’ll be prepared and that God will bring people our way. I will be doing this often for the summer – sometimes on short notice.

6th Last day of 11th grade for Josiah. Praise God for a great year for our son. But his homework doesn’t stop; he has lots of school work over the summer. We are also hoping he will be able to get a part time job. From June 22-28 he’ll be involved in a special program in Tallahassee called “Boys State” at which he’ll learn how the local and state governments work. If he gets the accompanying assignments completed, he’ll earn 3 more college credits!

6th Mission Encounter program followed by a special program for 25 University interns and 10 staff from Campus Crusade for Christ.

12th – 15th National Perspectives conference in Dallas, Texas. I praise God for a special friend and supporter who paid my way to take the course 5 years ago which launched me into being a part of this incredible program. ( I was honored recently to have been put on the list of national presenters. We are trusting God to supply for the expenses associated with this conference.

19th 110-120 university student leaders from across Indiana with Campus Outreach ministries will be coming to hear about Bible Translation and missions. What a great opportunity to share with these who can go back and share it with their fellow students.

26th Mission Encounter program for a group of students here for a work project.

* We will be working to prepare a newsletter this month, and would be grateful for your prayers for that effort too.


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