Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Petersons’ Prayer Guide – February 2006

*Thanks for praying for the Wycliffe National Mobilization Conference this past week. It was the first time in the history of our organization that all the US Mobilizers (recruitment, church relations and specialty recruiters - like those working with various ethnic groups, Information Technologies, Children's Education, etc.) gathered to meet, pray, talk, learn and encourage one another. I saw friends I haven't seen in years, and made many new ones. We have been given the challenge to recruit 7,000 new members by the year 2014. This is to help fill in for the many in our ranks that are now well into retirement years (Wycliffe started in 1942 www.wycliffe.org/wbt-usa/WBT-hist.htm) as well as bring in the needed workers to help us get started in the remaining languages needing Bible translation by the year 2025. If the Biblically based churches in America would send and support one person out of every 5143 born again American Christians, we would have our 7,000 people. Is this possible? Join us as we ask God to make it so.

* Powerful storms pummeled California just after Gary left his mother to return to Florida (before the New Year). An electrical power pole behind her home was blown over. She has been without electricity for 4 weeks, and finally had it restored yesterday! Praise the Lord! She’s held up admirably through this challenge. Please continue to pray for her in these days of transition to widowhood and all she has to take care of.

* I’ve really been enjoying the Perspectives course each Tuesday night. If you haven’t done it, and would like to be challenged and encouraged and have your understanding of God’s work in the world grow, I highly recommend it! The class that Gary was to host at Wycliffe ended up being cancelled due to lack of participants. He will be teaching the class in 4 other locations around Florida in the coming weeks (Jan. 31, Feb. 5, 6 & 7) and would appreciate your prayers for adequate preparation time and that God would speak through him to each group.

* Feb. 2 Gary drives to Lexington, South Carolina where he’ll be running the JOURNEY program for a Presbyterian church there on Sat. Feb. 4th. Please pray for safe travel (he’s pretty tired with everything he’s had on his plate lately), the right staff for each role, the participants God wants to speak to, ethnic people to show up and do their part well, and that God would use this program to speak powerfully to these folk and excite them about missions in lasting ways.

*Feb. 3-5 Esther is going to a “Weekend of Champions” with the Christian group (FCA) from her high school. This is a camp for teens from all over Florida. Pray that she’ll have a good experience there and God would use this in her life as He desires. The friends she’d hoped to “hang with” aren’t going due to college interviews, so she’s disappointed about that.

* Feb. 11 Gary is helping with a Transcan here ( a one day taste of Translation for interested folk). Pray that he’d do his part well and God would use this in the lives of those who come.

* Feb. 23 & 24. Gary is taking some specialty training for recruiters. Pray that he’ll be able to put into practice the things he’s being taught.

* Feb. 25th. Our 22nd Wedding anniversary (:

* Josiah DID get his drivers permit and has had a couple of lessons with Dad so far. He has many opportunities to be a witness at school with teachers and students. Pray that the Lord will give him sensitivity as to how to do that well.

* There is such a lot going on right now, and we’re all feeling tired. Please pray that we’ll pace ourselves and get the rest we need.

Thanks for your vital partnership through another month. Love in Him, our Sustainer, Helper and Lord. Robyn & Gary Peterson


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I was out searching for christian related information, when I landed on your page. Robbin you have some good stuff there. While this post wasn't exactly what I was looking for I enjoyed the read Thanks. So I'll continue on looking for christian, see you again some time.


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