Monday, October 17, 2005

John Dudeck update

Greetings to all our friends.
I'm writing this on Saturday evening, Oct 15th. Tomorrow afternoon I will be leaving on a quick trip to Europe, and I wanted to let you know about it so that you could be praying for me and my colleagues. The first part of the trip will be with three colleagues who I was on a ministry trip with in July 2004. This trip was with a group of young musicians of French heritage from North America (Quebec and Louisiana). The ministry is called La Clef, which means the key. Our premise is to use music and the arts as a key to the French heart. We went to the South of France and gave several concerts in support of the planting of a new church in a town called Trèbes. We are going back now to meet with the leaders there and discuss whether we should plan another similar trip in 2006.
The biggest outcome of the 2004 trip was the way that the Lord lit a fire among the Canadian young people who went with us. These young people have continued to stick together and pray about what they Lord wants them to do.
They were overwhelmed by the realization that the Lord was calling them to serve Him, especially to minister in France. French-speaking Canada has only 0.4% evangelical Christians. My friend, Greg Hardee, who is the leader and organizer of La Clef, believes that the Lord is going to bring a revival to the French world, starting among these French-speaking young Canadians.
Greg's son, Brendan, has settled in Montreal and married a girl there, and is working full-time in youth ministry.
The La Clef ministry has lots of vision for what the Lord is doing, but we are very small and have very few resources at this point. Please pray for us as we attempt to establish a base of support for the ministry. You can read more about it at If you should have any interest in the French world, please get in touch with us.
The second part of the trip I will be branching off from my colleagues, and meeting with other people in France and Switzerland concerning other projects that I am involved with.
One project is a web site for a French-language Bible study magazine. This quarterly magazine has been published since 1967, and is a treasure of Christian articles written in French by French-speakers, not translated from English. We have a project to put the entire archives of the magazine on line. So far we have eight years' worth on the web site. It is already getting a lot of response, particularly from French-speaking Africa. I will be meeting with the other people that I am doing this project with, in France and Switzerland. To see the web site go to
(It would help if you can read French!)
You may have heard Pam and me talk in the past about our desire to spend time in French-speaking Europe again on a new assignment for perhaps two years. I will be meeting with two or three organizations while in France and Switzerland, exploring whether there are any viable options for us. I am interested in finding an Information Technology project that would be of strategic value to the French-speaking evangelical world. Our desire at this point is to be based in French-speaking Switzerland. We have found a few possibilities, but so far the Lord has not brought together a definite plan for us to pursue.
Pam and I both turn 55 this year. We basically have ten prime years remaining in our missionary career. It is our prayer that the Lord will use us in the greatest possible way for these remaining years. Because we know French, having started our ministry in French-speaking places, we think the Lord may want us to focus on the French world. While it is true that there is plenty that I can do where I am now, I am aware how much greater the needs are in the French-speaking world. Thanks for all your interest and prayers. Please keep in touch.
John Dudeck Charlotte, North Carolina
"A hurried glance at Christ snatched after lying abed too late will never effect a radical transformation of character." -- J. Oswald Sanders


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