Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Greetings from Utah

It has been a busy fall here. God is doing some great things with our ministry and we have more new students involved than we have seen for a long time. We would love your prayers for:

A team of students leaving for East Texas to do relief work for Hurricane Rita. Students from all over the country are going and our team leaves Dec 1. Please pray for safety and chances to share the love of Christ as they help victims recover.

Nov 29 and 30 we are bringing a speaker to the campuses of Univ of Utah and Utah State to share about the life of C.S. Lewis. LWith the Narnia movie coming out, we thought there would be alot of interest. Through some contacts (Grace alumni!) I found out about Dr. Jerry Root, a scholar on Lewis from Wheaton College who will be speaking several times. Please pray for open hearts, as many Mormons love Lewis and think he agrees with some of their doctrines (e.g. we can become "gods")

Lastly, on Sept 30th I (Rob) lost my mother too and she is now with Dad in joy and light that I can only imagine. Saying goodbye to both my parents over just two months has been tough. I miss them very much, but appreciate the many cards a letters from my Grace family.

May we all give thanks this week for all of God's mercies and provisions

Rob and Miriam Gunn
Campus Crusade , Utah State Univ


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