Monday, October 17, 2005

Peterson's October Prayer Guide

“So don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.” Galatians 6:9

* Friends of ours working with SIL in Indonesia are preparing for the dedication of the New Testament for the people they work with. It is scheduled for Oct. 5th. Often there is real spiritual warfare at the time the Scriptures are finally getting into the hands of the people. Please pray for protection for these friends and the Christians in their community. They have already had some huge obstacles to overcome, but God is greater!

* Last month we asked you to pray for fruitful contacts for Gary and his colleague as they visited some Bible colleges. God heard and they had a very positive reception. As a result, Gary has been asked to speak in the Chapel of Hobe Sound Bible College on Oct. 14th. Pray that God will lay His message on Gary’s heart and use him to challenge the students there to get involved in Bible Translation.

* We asked you to pray for wisdom as we considered three possible short-term overseas mission opportunities in the coming year. God has given us clear leading regarding the first one (Gary only). He won’t be going on it. Now we need to make a decision about the other two. Please continue to pray that we will hear God’s voice regarding these.

* We are very encouraged by the things God is doing in the small group that we lead. But it involves a lot of time and work to maintain the kinds of relationships we want. Pray that we’ll do better at sharing the responsibilities so that we don’t burn out in this role.

* This is Missions Month at our church here. As part of the mission’s team, we have a number of extra responsibilities to help make this happen. Gary will be speaking on the 16th to the elementary aged kids about missions, and then to the pre-school kids on the 23rd. Pray for wisdom and creativity as he prepares for those opportunities, and that God will work in their hearts. The average age a person gets called into missionary service is ten, so this is a crucial time in their lives!

* Thanks for your prayers for us as we work through the backlog of paperwork that has bogged us down. We have completed some big projects this week, so are feeling better about the load. Keep praying that in the midst of tasks that need to get done, we won’t lose God’s perspective on the important relationships we also need to put time into.

* Esther has applied for a part time job near where we live. So far we haven’t heard anything back. Pray that God will open the way for her to earn an income (we could use the help with her car insurance!) and gain experience in the work force that will be valuable for her future.

* Gary’s dad is having further health challenges. Please pray with us for grace for Pop in these difficult days, wisdom for the medical personnel dealing with him, strength for Mom as she supports him and wisdom in decisions they need to make.

* Robyn’s sister, Jenny is expecting a baby this month. Please pray for a safe delivery, and a healthy baby for the Bleases.

* We have found ourselves financially short since our return from the summer trip. There have been some unexpected expenses and there are routine needs that we need to take care of that we currently don’t have the funds to cover. Please pray with us for God’s provision of these needs.

* Gary was given the role of Director of Training for Missions in our church here. It is just getting started in its mission involvement, and there is a lot going on already. Gary has been unable to give this role the time it requires, due to his current workload and plans on stepping down after this month. Please pray that God will raise up the right person to take this important role, or provide the kind of help Gary needs to be able to do it justice.

* I was in the office yesterday and met a gentleman who often sees Gary giving the Wycliffe tours to groups who come to visit. He spoke of what a great job Gary does, sharing with passion about the work to every group. Thanks for praying that Gary would continue to have that fresh passion as he speaks to many different groups about the needs of the Bible-less peoples of the world.


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