Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steffens December '07 newsletter

Two of the greatest miracles of Christmas are first, that God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ (Immanuel, God with us) and second, that Jesus came to save His people from their sins (Matthew 1:21 & 23). “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” was John the Baptist’s response when he saw Jesus approaching him (John 1:29). We trust that as you celebrate the holidays, you remember these two great miracles of Christmas and that you have personally received Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Thank you for praying about the newly-elected mayor and other city officials. I, Ned, have personally met most of them and they seem to be very open to a continued, good working relationship. I am able to continue the adult English classes through the city hall adult education. Please continue to pray for a growing relationship with the new mayor and other city officials.

During the fall, we had two “celebration” services in Camarma. We also had our annual Thanksgiving outreach dinner on Dec. 1. In recent months, we have come into contact with two Spanish families who live in Meco where our co-workers, Mark and Kay Johnson, live. These two families are interested in seeing an evangelical church started in the Meco/Camarma area. A mid-week cell group has started with them and several others in Meco. Please pray for the start of a cell group in Camarma and for future plans. Lord willing, we anticipate a 6 to 12 month home assignment in the states starting in the summer of 2008. Our exact plans are not sure yet, but we do hope to see many of you during that time.

A group of 11 people from a church in Northern Ireland (same church that sent a group in 2005) helped us put on two English camps from July 16-20. In the mornings, we had 121 kids (ages 3-11 years old, mainly younger ones) and in the evenings we had 13 adults. There was a closing program for the kids’ camp on Friday, July 20, and a closing program for the adults’ camp on Saturday, July 21. Some of the people from the work team shared their personal testimonies at the Saturday evening closing program. Please pray for continued contact with the kids, the kids’ parents and the adults from the two camps. I, Ned, have started adult English classes again this fall. There are two classes of 10 students each. Some students are from previous years and the rest are new this year. I will be offering the extra Spanish/English Bible reading time to the students soon. Please pray for many to be interested in participating and for our growing friendships with the students.

Sarah is now in her second (and final) year in nursing school and continues to live with Joanie’s parents, north of Boston. Michael is in his second year at ERAU (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) in Daytona Beach, FL and is an RA (Resident Advisor) on campus. Timothy is in his senior year at ECA and is in the process of applying to colleges for next fall. We were in the states from July 25 to August 22, living with Joanie’s parents in Peabody, north of Boston. We were all together for about a week before Michael returned to ERAU. Timothy did most of the driving as he now has his learner’s permit.

Thanks to Timothy, our computer guru, and a web design class he had last year, we now have a website. Please visit it at www.steffensinspain.com and let us know what you think.

- The start of a good relationship with the new government in Camarma.
- Cell group started in Meco.
- Two great summer English camps with group from Northern Ireland.
- Our time in the states last summer.
- Sarah, Michael and Timothy having good starts in school.
- A good Thanksgiving outreach on December 1.

- Monthly “celebration” services in Camarma.
- The beginning of an evangelical church in Camarma.
- Creative ways to get people interested in small, spiritually-oriented discussion groups.
- The new Camarma mayor (Luis Angel) and city council members as they form a new government and how we relate to them.
- Plans for our home assignment starting next summer.
- More monthly financial support.

Ned & Joanie Steffens
28816 Camarma de Esteruelas
(MADRID) Spain
PO Box 969
Wheaton, IL 60189


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