Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peterson's Prayer Guide - November 2007

Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker, for He is our God. We are the people He watches over, the sheep under His care. Let us come before Him with thanksgiving. Psalm 95:6-7, 2

This month we have much to thank the Lord for. One of the biggest things on my list is Gary. This year his birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day! We hope you have plenty on your list to thank God for, too.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be with my mother during and after her surgery. When I left, she had made a lot of progress in her recovery, and I was very encouraged with all the support offered her from our church, relatives, neighbors and Wycliffe friends. Please continue to pray as she heals and adjusts to the changes in her body. As much as I enjoyed being with my Aussie family and friends, it’s great to be home with my family again! I missed them so much. We have a new appreciation for each other. I’d be grateful for your prayers as I try and catch up on all that I wasn’t able to do while away. There’s a lot of correspondence to tackle! Please be patient with us.

A letter from the Immigration Service requests me to appear for the Naturalization Oath Ceremony on November 15th. On that day I will officially become a US citizen. It will be quite exciting to be able to vote in the next election!

As you will see by looking at Gary’s schedule for the month, it’s going to be a busy one! He is already feeling like he needs a break, and we’ve been looking to see when we could take one. At present we’re thinking we could take 5 days as a family vacation from Nov. 21- 25th. Please pray that we can find a good place to go. If we just stay home, I know we won’t really get the kind of complete break we need. It will need to be somewhere not too far away, and not expensive.

If you’re wondering about our newsletter, it is still not done. We hope to edit and finalize it soon so we can get it in the mail.

This month we are looking forward to visits from 2 families from the Northwest who support our ministry. Pray that we’ll be a blessing to these special people who help make it possible for us to be involved in this work.

Here’s the schedule. As always we are so grateful for you prayers! Ask God with us for prepared hearts and eternal fruit from these great opportunities.

1st - 75 Home-schoolers will visit Wordspring.
2nd - Program for 53 students from a Christian school
6th - Special tour for leaders of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries (Promise Keepers, Man in the Mirror, etc.)
7th - Teach a missions class at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando
8-9th - Man a booth at the Florida Christian Schools Convention
9th - International Day of Prayer event at the office (Robyn will attend)
10th - Program for an AWANA club visiting Wycliffe
10-11th - Esther is bringing 20 or so students from her Bible College to spend the night, then Gary will give them a special tour of Wycliffe/Wordspring on the 11th. We need to work out accommodations for everyone!
13th - Program for a Christian elementary school.
16th - Program for 30 students from a Home school co-op
17th - Tour for ladies from a Women’s Shelter (One of their staff used to work with Wycliffe).
19-20th - Man a booth at the Association of Christian Schools convention.
21–25th - Family vacation?
22nd - Gary’s birthday/Thanksgiving Day
27th - Program for high school students from a Christian school
29th - Program for 30 Home schooled students

Robyn for the Petersons


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