Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!...Nancy Pryor

Dearest Friends, November, 2007

It’s our prayer and hope that your Thanksgiving celebration was one filled with the joy of family and a spirit of gratefulness to the Lord. This holiday was a mixture of food, fun and jet lag as I just returned from 3 weeks in Mongolia late on November 20th. What an incredible trip with the International School Project to the third largest city in Mongolia, Erdenet. The city is located just 250 miles south of the Russian border and was covered in snow. A novel sight for this Southern Californian!

Over 650 teachers attended between the two conferences and the response to the information given was very positive. Over 98% in attendance said that what they had learned would be very useful in their classrooms and that they gained much needed encouragement as teachers. My interpreter, Tuya, asked me during the second week of conferences, “Nancy, would you say for me special prayer for Jesus?” In all my years of sharing Christ with others, I’ve never had someone come to me and ask me if I could pray with them to receive Christ. What a joy and privilege to lead this lovely young woman to the Savior and to see her very destiny and life change. Tuya went home that evening and talked for a long time with her good friend, Oona, about her decision to trust Christ and change her worldview from Buddhism to faith in the one true God.

Just two days later, Tuya brought Oona to the hotel and led her friend to Christ through the translation of a simple prayer of faith. Praise God, she said that she just can’t stay quiet about Jesus and desires for her husband and children to come to trust Christ, too. Already a multiplying disciple!!! Please pray for Tuya, Oona and their continued growth in Christ. The good news is that the New Life Teachers Movement with Campus Crusade for Christ, Mongolia will be following them up!

In 1990, there were only about 10 known believers in all of Mongolia. Billy Graham said that it was the last closed country on earth. The gospel of Christ has been faithfully taking root in this barren land. There are an estimated 40,000 trained disciples for Christ in the country today and that number continues to grow. This is truly a place where you can witness the “first century” church. The Mongolian believers that I met are truly committed to the Great Commission and are trusting the Lord to take the good news of salvation to every nation where Genghis Khan once ruled. At one time, the Mongolian Empire ruled 3/5 of the known world, so these believers have a big vision. Pray for them. What a privilege to have been able to serve alongside these men and women of great faith.

Boxes of Love...20th Anniversary…changing lives one box at a time!
Twenty years…125,000 + boxes…500,000+ lives impacted with the gospel and love of Christ…thank you so much for praying for the outreach this year. We were able to pack up 5,000 Boxes of Love on Saturday, Oct. 29th just before I left for Mongolia. Over 75 ministries came to help “make and take” their boxes and then used the boxes to reach out to thousands of people in need in their communities. It is always a joy to be able to serve the urban church by getting into their hands resources that will bring a touch of compassion to those in need at this time of Thanksgiving. Soon I will find out from the ministries the extent of their outreaches and let you know of the countless families that were impacted with the love of Christ through this project. The Lord provided so many wonderful donations that we were able to stretch our boxes from 3,000 to 5,000 and thus bring a touch of Christ's love and forgiveness to many more families in need this Thanksgiving than was originally projected.

Dan is doing well and continuing to teach through the gospel of John. He continues to mentor several men from the church and especially is enjoying discipling a man from Tehran , Iran who recently came to Christ an is now attending Plymouth.

Thank you all for your continued support through the years. Your generosity enables me to receive medical benefits and a small salary, but most of all keeps me out in the “fields of harvest”. I so appreciate all of your faithfulness through the years. If you have any year end giving to do, please consider the ministry that God has given me through Campus Crusade. (my account number is 0041641) Your investment is eternal and far reaching…both here in inner city Los Angeles and to the outermost parts of the world.

Blessings abundant, Nancy Pryor


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