Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update from John Nadolski

Greetings from Kenya and I hope that you are doing well.

I am doing well, even as I battle the sinus infection. It doesn't keep me from doing anything. It just hurts.

I went to church today, at a brand-new church. It's about a 40 minute drive from where I'm staying and it was all dirt roads. Car traffic was really light and we may have passed a few cars, but not very many. The local people are building the church, literally from the ground up. Imagine a wood pole-barn. They have the side poles up, and they will put metal siding and metal roof. I expect that they will have a dirt floor until they can afford the cement/concrete. The pastor was sick with malaria and we walked over to his house to pray for him. His house was small and he had six kids. I learned that he was married before and his wife and three of their kids died. They all died within three days so they never had a chance to get to the hospital. The pastor guesses that they died from meningitis.

The pastor walked back to the church with us and stayed for the service. I took some money and paid for his malaria medicine. They work so hard to raise the money for the new church that I was personally challenged to help so I gave some money for the building fund.

I'm scheduled to meet with the local govenor tomorrow and then travel to Nairobi tomorrow night. If all goes well, I will go to Marsabit on Friday. My partner in Marsabit has me booked on a flight with MAF. He said that we will tour the new sites and that we will be 'camping' as we go. He suggested that I buy a sleeping bag as we will sleep on a mat outside under a tarp. He also suggested that I bring along any snacks that I want to eat because he said that we will be eating the local food. I've been told that there's a missionary prayer: 'Lord, I'll put it down; you'll keep it down.'

Please pray that God gives me wisdom, discernment, health, safety and a heart for the people.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

God bless you,



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