Thursday, July 27, 2006

Esther Peterson update

Hi everybody! Sorry it´s been a while. It´s tough to get time at the internet. God is continuing to bless me here. My birthday was on July 19th and it was so much fun to have it on the YWAM base. The girls in my room kicked me out the night before and in the morning after breakfast. When they let me in the had made this big card for me ( written mostly in Spanish, which I haven´t gotten all translated yet) and they all had these little gifts for me. I had happy birthday and feliz cuplianos sung for me a couple times by all the group. And I got to have a long talk on the phone with my parents. Thank you to all you send letters and e-mails. I haven´t had time to finish reading them all yet, which is nice because it makes my birthday go on and on!

We´re learning a lot about ourselves in our classes, and as they say here, with greater light comes greater responsibility, so hopefully I´ll come home with a lot of things worked out. In the morning we have an hour for our quiet times. I´ve found a great spot for mine where I watch the sun come up. It´s really special. I also have my own leader discipling me, who is Nicole, the girl who e-mailed me when I first wrote the base here, and I can go to her any time about anything, which is really cool. Speaking of anytime, my time just ran out so I´ll have to stop there for now and write more later. Thank you guys all so much for your care and prayers. Esther


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