Friday, March 10, 2006

Nadolski Update and Prayer Requests

On Sunday, John flies to Kenya for Living Water International and he plans to stay there for a month. He will be working with the four LWI partners in Kenya. There’s a real bad drought in Kenya (and other parts of East Africa) and all four partners are busy drilling wells. LWI is helping three of them get new drill rigs so that they can respond to the drought and drill more wells:

- Living Water International – Kenya. They are in Nairobi and John will check their progress on several projects. The first time John went to Kenya was in 1993 and he worked with LWI-Kenya on that trip. It’s neat to see how much LWI-Kenya has grown and how they have been so effective at giving ‘a cup of water in Jesus’ name. LWI-Kenya is getting a new, large air-hammer drill rig and it should be sent from the factory by the end of April.

- David Smith – in Mombassa. David has been there for about 25 years as his family reaches out to the Christians and Muslims in SE Kenya. David and LWI are trying to raise $70,000 for a new LS-200 drill rig and a Range Rover vehicle.

- Serve International. Serve is located in a small town north Lake Victoria. It’s been amazing to see how much Serve has grown. They now have a primary school (430 students) and seven churches in the area. They drill about one well a month. A friend of LWI helped provide a new LS-200 drill rig for them and that drill rig should arrive in Kenya this spring.

- Millennium Water Program. LWI started this project last spring and they planned to finish this project last fall, but it didn’t work out that way. Now, John gets to go to Kisumu to restart the project. He will work with four schools to get a good well, latrines, and hygiene training.

Marcia has been working three to five days a week in February and March. Next week is Spring Break for her and she’ll enjoy the time off. With John in Kenya, this will be the first time that she’s been home alone (for more than a few days). Please pray for Marcia as she adjusts to being home alone for the month while John is gone.

Phil is settling into the routine in the Philippines. He’s been busy helping to dig a huge hole to set a septic tank and he’s been out on one outreach. Next week, he takes a little vacation and does two weeks of scuba diving. He’s taking classes to get certified as a scuba instructor. Please pray that Phil finds a good friend and that God continues to provide for his health and protection/safety.

John and Steve are planning to fly to the Philippines and visit Phil. They will leave the Thursday before Easter and get back a week later. John’s trip is being paid by an anonymous friend from church and that’s a real blessing for us.

Steve is doing well in college and he’s helping Marcia’s old boss (Estee). It turns out that she got hurt and Steve is putting in extra hours helping her out at the day care. Please pray for Steve in school and for Estee as she heals up from her fall.

Tim and Marissa are busy, making their wedding plans. It’s neat to see them work through the questions and challenges – and still love each other. (Wedding count down: Seven months till the wedding on September 9th).


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