Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Peterson's Prayer Guide - May 2006

Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.” Matthew 5:48 MSG

* We have been able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and the generosity of friends who gave us some beautiful fresh flowers to enjoy in our home this month. Anyone else out there delight in flowers like I do? Thanks, Lord for the variety and incredible beauty of your creation!

* Thanks for praying for Josiah on his trip to Europe. It was a fabulous experience all the way around. He took oodles of photos, and you’ll see one in our newsletter soon.

* Gary’s ministry opportunities in April all went well. One of the school groups didn’t show up, but another group from a church needed a tour, and it proved to be a God-ordained connection. We can trust Him when His plan is different from our own!

* Esther’s ACT exam went fine, though we don’t know the results at this time. She’d appreciate prayer for another similar one (SAT) which she is taking on May 6th. She is finished with her college classes now, so just has her two classes at the high school left. These will be over by May 12th, and her graduation is May 17th. Anyone want to come and celebrate with us?

* God has led so clearly in this past month. Thanks for your prayers for these matters. Esther decided to apply for her Discipleship Training School in Argentina. It is a bilingual course (Spanish & English), and the 2 month mission part of it will probably be in northern Argentina somewhere. She is waiting now to find out if her application has been accepted. We were very excited to hear that the cost is significantly less than we’d previously thought. Please pray for her as she writes her first “missionary letter” soon. If all goes as we hope, Esther will return from summer camp on June 24th, and wants to leave for Argentina as soon as possible after that. Please pray that everything will come together for her preparations if this is God’s plan for her.

* Gary and Esther went to visit two Christian colleges here in Florida recently and she is seriously considering one of them. We found out when we visited her guidance counselor at school that we should have been doing all the college and financial aid applications like everyone else, even though she doesn’t plan to start college till January. So it’s been a BUSY month as we’ve scrambled to meet some deadlines. Please pray that the final decisions, applications, acceptances, and financial aid will come together well in the next 6 weeks or so.

* We’ve had some offers of help, both money and physical for our re-roofing job. There’s a lot more that is needed yet to make it happen, so keep praying!

* Perspectives finished a week early, and I can’t say enough about how excellent it was. I learned so much & was challenged afresh about being a world Christian and the remaining task.

* Josiah is having some wonderful opportunities to be a witness to both students and teachers. Praise the Lord with us, and pray for wisdom as he continues these strategic relationships. I too have a lady from the Jehovah’s Witness sect who is very open and I’m sharing with, so I’d also appreciate your prayers for that contact.

* Our newsletter is about to go to print and you’ll soon read this next paragraph in that, but we want you to know the following:

Since moving to Orlando, I (Gary) have been working in a department called “Mobilization”. Its leadership, focus and philosophy have changed during the course of my time here, and in consultation with leadership and colleagues, we have decided that my gifts, strengths and passions could find a better fit elsewhere. I have just begun a time of wrapping up my work with this department, processing and evaluating what God has been teaching me, and seeking His direction for my next role. Most likely this will be within Wycliffe, and quite likely, in Orlando for the time being - but we’re open for anywhere on the planet. I want to be used most effectively for God and this task of Bible Translation. Please be in prayer with us through this process and ask that God will guide us and accomplish all He wants to do in and through us during this transition period. At this stage we are aiming to begin whatever is next by July 1st - if it’s in the USA. "

* In our newsletter you will read of our plans for another trip to California this month, and we covet your prayers for that time. We still need to arrange for someone to take care of our house while we’re away.

Thankful for your partnership with us, Robyn, for the Petersons


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