Monday, April 10, 2006

DaVinci Code and LDS Forums in Utah

Greetings from Utah! The snow has melted and things are turning green. As the university year approaches it's end we had two recent events that some of you have been praying for.

*We had a Christian history instructor from Salt Lake Seminary come and speak on campus about the "history" of the novel The DaVinci Code. We did a lot of publicity and had a crowd of about 80, a little bit disappointing since we expected 200+. However it was well received and we gave away hundreds of articles and new paperbacks by Josh McDowell on the DV Code (we were the first campus in the country to do this!) at a table during the week. The result is that hundreds of students heard or were given an intelligent response to the absurd claims in this HUGELY popular book and upcoming movie-as well as the gospel!

*The next week, we put on another event presenting BYU Professor and author Robert Millet and Pastor Greg Johnson from Salt Lake discussing their beliefs on the topic "Who is Jesus?" We had a little over 200 at this event and it was very positive. It was a predominantly Mormon audience and they heard a clear presentation of the gospel as well as suprising comments by Dr. Millet on the nature of grace. Our hope is it will foster more discussions among us as we try to understand each other and present the truth about Jesus to our LDS friends.

Thank you for your prayers! I (Rob) and our kids look forward to seeing you at the big celebration on Memorial Day! (unfortunately, Miriam cannot be there as she will be out of the country)

Rob and Miriam Gunn, Campus Crusade at Utah State Univ.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Tom Phillips said...


Thank you for updating us on these events we have been praying for. It is encouraging to know that the true Gospel is being preached in Utah. Thank you for your labor for our Savior and God, Jesus Christ.


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