Friday, June 17, 2005

Goss Update on Pamela and Brianna's trip to CA

This is our first post on this blog. This is such a good idea! We have been so busy moving and unpacking and getting settled here in North Carolina, we haven’t taken the time to post.
I am so excited that my trip to California is approaching so quickly. In order to see as many people as possible, I’ve arranged for 2 ministry update meetings. I would like to invite you to either of them.
The first one will be 7:00 pm, Sunday, June 26 at the home of Linda Matthias. Linda will be providing refreshments. The second one will be 2:00 pm, Sunday July 3rd at Grace Church’s fireside room. Debbie McCrigler is arranging for refreshments for this one. If you’d like to bring something, give her a call.
I will be sharing about our new adventure in North Carolina. I have photos to show ya’ll. I will be updating you on our exciting mission’s ministry, our family activities, sharing prayer requests and praying all together. On Sunday July 3rd, Brianna and I will be sharing some flute/piano entertainment with you for the first 20 minutes or so.
Thank you to the Lewis family for sharing their car with me! This is such a big help!
If you cannot come to one of those meetings, I would love to stop by for a visit so let me know when it would be a good time for you. I’d love to catch up with you. I’m already filling some spots on my calendar with lunch dates, hikes, coffee dates, etc…so let me know when you might be available.
I will be in SLO from June 20-27 and July 1-10. I will be at church all 3 Sundays that I am in California. I will also attend Tommy and Olivia’s wedding, and the July 4th picnic. I’m look forward to seeing you sometime while I am there!

Contact information:
Pam’s cell phone: 704-254-8918
June 20-26-- Leslie Maughmer: home, 238-3633; cell, 712-2264
June 27, 30-- Pam’s mom, Joan: 562-493-6706
June 28-June 29--Pam’s brother, John: 619-427-7652
July 1-10--Kathy Smith: 543-4771

Blessings to you all as we serve Him together to get the Word to the World!!


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Tom Phillips said...

LLoyd & Pam,

Thanks so much for posting to the Grace SLO Missionary Blog! We are excited to have Pam and Brianna visit; sorry the rest of the family won't be coming.


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