Friday, March 04, 2005

Fred & Marilyn West Prayer and Praise March 2005

Fred’s Corner
It was February so it must’ve been Wycliffe’s Southeast Regional office! I spent the week of February 7th at the Southeast office which is located near Atlanta, Georgia. Ray Parker, the Operations Manager there, has a heavy load of responsibilities both in the office and at home. At the office he oversees housing, finance, donor car program, facilities and often fills in where needed. On the home front he helps his wife, Linda who has Parkinson’s. Take a look at our Wycliffe website to see pictures of our recent trips. The WEB address is below. Please pray for Ray and Linda. Pray also for the Southeast office as they work on developing a tour of Bible translation. They will be using this to reach out to the surrounding communities’ churches, schools, and other groups.

Marilyn’s Corner
Heather has finished her AIM course. She will formally receive her Bachelors degree from Judson College in Elgin, IL on April 30th. We’re so proud of her! Through this she has grown and gained much needed confidence and healing. Now with the completion of this study, I feel freer to see what God has for me. Last October I attended a presentation on a program called WORD which is part of our Stewardship Ministries department. After much discussion and prayer, I’ve accepted a position that allows me to travel with Fred to each of the regional offices to share WORD with staff and churches. The goal of WORD is to orient people to the need for literacy projects to be conducted along side Bible translation. A completed New Testament without people being able to read it is a “closed” book.

Prayer and Praise Corner
Thank you for your prayers and for your faithfulness!

Praise that Heather has completed her course of study and is facing the future with healing, confidence and enthusiasm.

Praise that our son-in-law Chris has a job! He and Erika have settled into a church in South Haven, Michigan where Chris is quite involved with the youth program.

Pray for God’s leading as Heather looks to the future.

Pray for safety as we make 2 trips in March. Our schedule is March 7-11 we travel to Wycliffe’s headquarters in Orlando and March 20-26 we will be at Wycliffe’s Northeast office in Pennsylvania.

Pray for us as we continue to balance our work with Wycliffe and home.

Join in the celebration! Over 436,000 more people have access to God's Word in their heart language! Pray that God will "sanctify them by the truth." Of New Testaments tracked in the New Testament Nearing Completion Prayer Project five were dedicated in January 2005 and one was dedicated in February; another will be dedicated in March. Rejoice in the Lord and praise Him for His faithfulness!

January – Guaymi – Panama, Tamagsheq – Mali, Cajamarca Quechua – Peru, Saniyo-Hiyewe - Papua New Guinea, Cacua - South America

Feb & March – Tuyuca - South America, Kamula - Papua New Guinea

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