Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Petersons' Prayer Guide - January 2009

Pray for us… for we want to live honorably in all we do. May the God of peace…equip you with all you need for doing His will. May He produce in you through the power of Jesus Christ all that is pleasing to Him. Heb. 13: 18, 20(NLT)

Happy New Year to you all! We enjoyed Christmas as a family with a few traditions; a picnic breakfast at the big lakefront in town, and the watching of “The Nativity” movie in the evening. In the afternoon we also accompanied many from our church choir to take part in a Christmas production at Sea World. For serving in this way we were each given two free tickets to return to the park in the next year – quite a deal! We are spending New Year's Day helping with a fundraiser for a high school Christian group, manning concession booths at a big football game.

We are on vacation this week, as mentioned in the last prayer guide. There seems to be a lot of chores to take care of, but we are trying to find ways to rest and be refreshed in between the work.

I am now having physical therapy to try and regain full function in my knee, after the arthroscopic surgery last month. The good news is that the surgeon didn’t find any tears or arthritis. Although he cleaned it out, I have yet to find out if the pain I went in for has been taken care of or not. I didn’t anticipate the time it is taking to get back to normal! Please be patient with us if we take awhile to respond to your letters, etc. The days go by extra fast when you spend several hours each day on rehab!

Josiah has now been accepted at two colleges he’s applied to. He is also finishing an application to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (it requires more essays...) and would like to visit that college soon, too. He had a good offer of scholarships from Columbia International University, but with the total yearly cost of a private school, he is still several thousand dollars a year short of what is needed. Please continue to pray for him in this decision.

Here’s what’s on the schedule for January:

The year is starting off very busy for me. We are short staffed and many of us are doing double duty.

I am also preparing to teach Lesson 3 for the Perspectives in the World Christian Movement courses being run in Central Florida in February. I have not taught this lesson before. Shortly thereafter I will be teaching lesson 5 on the north Florida circuit. I have taught this before, but it has been revamped, so I have to re-work my lesson. I love teaching Perspectives, but there is some work involved. I do these after hours (mostly evenings) so I can keep up at the office. Here’s the website if you want to know more about it:

5 I will be the host in Discovery for the day. We are down to one volunteer for hosting purposes from the 3 we had in the Fall. It means many of us have to step in as needed.

6 Leading devotions for Wycliffe’s Total It Up course here in Orlando (check out:

6 & 8 I will be teaching the “Anthropology” section for Total It Up. It’s a fun class to teach.

5-9 Wycliffe Discovery Education planning and preparing for new semester.

10 Josiah’s 18th birthday!

11 We will drive Esther back to college following her vacation. Please pray as she works to balance relationships, work, planning for the future and her studies.

13 Mission Encounter for Venice Christian Academy (12 High school / 2 adults)

15 A-Z program for Real Life Christian Academy (28 students / 12 adults)

23 A-Z program for Regency Christian Academy / AZ (28 3rd graders / 18 adults)

25 Robyn celebrates another year of life (:

27 YME Altamonte Christian Academy (20 12th graders)

28 Near Him Home Educators home school group. A-Z (70 1st–5th graders). YME
(30 6th–12th graders)

30 A-Z program for First Christian Academy (120 5th graders).


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