Thursday, March 13, 2008


Thank you for remembering my family in your prayers during my visit to our church planting teams in Siberia and during my “time of real testing” – taking care of the home and kids while Ruth was away at a conference for 9 days. We could not have made it through without your prayers.

Some Good News!
After two difficult “tours of duty” our family decided that it was time for a vacation! And since our residence permits require everyone in our family to exit Russia one time every six months, we thought it was time to head south. With the help of a generous special gift from my home church, we were able to afford a discount tour to a sunny part of the Middle East (Egypt). It was great to get away from the dark weather and the daily challenges of life in Russia (if only for 7 days).

Some Negative News
While we were gone, the main administrative offices of the Russian Baptist Union (where I work) experienced an internal leadership struggle and consequently a financial crisis. In an effort to overcome these problems the Baptist Union’s “Council of Bishops” will be meeting in closed session next week. Please ask the Lord to grant the Council supernatural wisdom. This is a critical time for both the Russian Baptist Union and for the Mission Department in particular.

Unfortunately, I will be away from Moscow next week attending a PIONEERS leadership conference. Please say a special prayer for Ruth and the kids while they are home without Dad.

I will update you on the Baptist Union situation as soon as we receive any news. In all things we remember that God is our strength and our shield.

Warmly, in Christ, Jim Overton, +7 903 154-8887 SKYPE mail2jim


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