Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Overton Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayerful partnership with us as we serve the Lord together in Russia. We pray that your holidays have been blessed by worship, family and reminders of God’s great love.

Tonight, January 13th, Jim will be flying to Siberia. His travels will take him to Krasnoyarsk and the Russian Republic of Khakasiya (nearly the geographic center of the Asian continent).

The main goal of the trip is to support church-planting missionary efforts. During his travels, Jim will be visiting with two PIONEERS misson teams and with local Russian Baptist leadership.

Jim will be dressing warmly because the January temperatures in Krasnoyarsk and Khakasiya are constantly sub zero.

Connected with these events, we are asking you to say a short prayer for us right now and as often as you think of us between now and January 23rd (when Jim returns).

Here are our prayers requests:

Safe travels
Good health for Jim & for Ruth and the kids
Wisdom regarding leadership decisions
Pray also about the question of our long-term residence in Russia. This year Russia is changing its law on foreign residence. Many missionaries (including us) are uncertain if they will able to receive the new style residence permit (something like an American "green card").

Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us as we are seeking and serving the Lord and His kingdom.


Jim, Ruth, Ben, Greg and Leeza Overton


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