Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peterson's Prayer Guide - February 2008

Show me where to walk, for I have come to You in prayer. Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God. May Your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing. Psalm 143: 8b, 10

Josiah is going to lead another Truth Project group on Wednesday nights from Feb. 13 – end of May, this time at our church. Gary and I will be helping. It will be advertised to the whole church, so we don’t know how many will attend. Please pray that those God wants to participate will come. Pray for wisdom, strength and sensitivity to God’s Spirit as we lead. Pray that God will transform the thinking that has not been according to His truth in the lives of all who attend. Thank you!

Josiah is at a stage in high school when he needs to start making decisions about college. Gary hopes to take him on an exploratory trip sometime in the next few months to check out a couple of colleges he’s interested in. We would be so grateful for your prayers for our son as he considers what course of studies to pursue, and where God wants him to go. He is interested in taking 6 months to do some kind of mission experience before starting college as well, so there are lots of details to work out.

Esther is considering spending her summer in Australia (winter there). She’d like to work on my sister, Jenny and her husband’s dairy farm to get some extended time with her cousins (4 girls and a newborn baby boy). The farm is struggling because of the drought, but at this stage it looks like it may still be a possibility. Please pray again for all the details. This will be both exciting and a little scary for Esther as she has never spent time in Australia without her family before. We are also thinking about what we will do this coming summer, and would appreciate your prayers as we consider several options.

In a lot of the recent prayer guides, we have referred to programs on Gary’s calendar called A-Z Adventure and Mission Encounter. These are 5 hour mission education programs for elementary aged kids (A-Z), and youth. To learn about these programs,
check out to see the Discovery Center where Gary runs many of his programs. Check out: Here are some comments from Gary:

January has been a great month. I’ve often gone to work early and come home late. We’ve had lots of kids go through programs. The feedback from the students/teachers/ parents has been most encouraging. Anthony, a 5th grader, really came alive with the challenge to missions. He bought some books in our “Village Shop” to help him grow more in his understanding and vision for missions and Bible translation. God has begun a work in his life, and your prayers were a big part of it.

Here’s what’s on the calendar for February:

1st A-Z Adventure & Mission Encounter for Family Educators of Florida (35 participants)

3rd Gary teaches lesson 5 for Perspectives in Jacksonville, Florida. Check out the Perspectives course at

4th Perspectives, Ocala, Florida

5th Perspectives, Gainesville, Florida (home of the Florida Gators UF)

7th A-Z Orangewood Christian Academy 46 participants

8th A-Z Adventure for First Academy Home School (35 students + 14 adults) & Mission Encounter for Sarasota Christian (45 7th graders + 10 adults)

9th Mission Encounter Program for Living Word Church young adult group

14th A-Z Adventure for Real Life Christian Academy, AZ ( 42 participants)

15th A-Z Circle Christian Home School & Christian & Heritage Academy (76 participants)

16th Special tour and program for First Baptist of Central Florida 30-60 hearing impaired. We have an interpreter to sign for the deaf.

21st A-Z Winter Haven Christian School (19 participants) & special tour for Church of the Palms Sarasota (senior citizen group)

22nd A-Z Christian Home Educators (41 participants)

22nd Gary speaks in the evening to the Cub Scout Troup at 1st Baptist of Orlando

25th Our 24th wedding anniversary

28th Crusaders Christian Home School group

Yes, it’s very busy and we are deeply grateful for your prayers!


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