Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nadolski Update and Prayer Requests

Tim and Marissa are married!
We never knew that weddings were so much fun, but thanks to the hard work of Marissa and her family, Tim and Marissa’s wedding was a blast. It was all so very well done. The flowers were perfect, the ceremony was formal, the reception was fun and Marissa was beautiful.

Phil gets a JOB!
Phil accepted a job as a Field Engineer with Cudd Environmental Services (branch of Cudd Pressure Control). They are based in Houston, but during the first year, Phil will be getting on-the-job training at several of their work sites. Right now, it looks like he will work in Louisiana, Tulsa (Oklahoma), and Grand Junction (Colorado). Phil is really excited and he’s really looking forward to this new challenge.
Phil traveled to Houston with the idea of getting a job around here, in the area near mom and dad. Phil prayed that God would provide the job, using Phil’s talents and passion. Phil prayed that God would open the doors that were suppose to be open and close those doors that needed to be closed. Phil received this job offer within two weeks of arriving in Houston. We feel like it is an answer to prayer.

Steve, studying hard in the middle of college
Steve attends Columbia College (Columbia, MO), studying business and law enforcement. Columbia College has a distance learning program through Cuesta College (San Luis Obispo, CA) and Steve takes his courses through Cuesta. Steve is studying business and law enforcement, and he’s in the middle of a busy semester.
Steve is going with his church on a short-term mission trip to Israel. They will be helping on an archeological dig and they will be sharing the love of Jesus with others. Steve leaves right after finals are finished in December and he returns right before Christmas. He’s making plans to visit mom and dad over Christmas in Houston.

John going on Living Water project trip to Kenya
John leaves on Saturday, November 4th, traveling from Houston to Nairobi. He’ll spend the first week in Kisumu, by Lake Victoria. If all goes well, LWI will get approval to continue the work they started last year. It will be a good project, providing safe water to over 20,000 people while including latrines and hygiene training for five elementary schools.
After John finishes in Kisumu, he’ll be working in northern Kenya on a new project in the hard-hit drought areas. Before the drought was over, there were animal carcasses all over the place and that added to the problems with typhoid fever and cholera. The LWI project will bring water tanks and small dams to spread out the water supply in different pastures. Maybe the livestock won’t overgraze an area so quickly if they can rotate to different water supplies. Here’s a couple of web sites that tell the story:
UNICEF report on East Africa
Report on Drought Conditions:
It is good to see so much productive work being done. John plans on being in Kenya for 45 days, arriving home right before Christmas.

Prayer Requests
God continues to teach us to depend on him. Just last week, we were sitting at the kitchen table with a list of unexpected bills. We prayed, not for the money but for God to be glorified. We figured God had a plan and we just needed to rest on that promise until God showed us His plan. As it turns out, God’s plan was better than the plan we put together.
God is good; all the time.
We covet your prayers:

Marcia doesn’t sleep well when John is gone, and she has all of the household chores to do. Please pray that Marcia will get the rest she needs. Marcia is going to try to get everything ready for Christmas, but we’ll see what slips.

John needs wisdom while he travels. He really needs a protective cover for health and safety, too. Please pray that he will have opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

Phil should start his new job real soon. We don’t know if he will live near Houston or when he’ll go on the road. Please pray for Christian friends, wisdom and safety for his new job.

Steve is busy at school and we pray that he does his best, especially since he took a week off at the beginning of school because of Tim’s wedding.

Please pray that Tim and Marissa will have a joyful life together, through Christ.


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