Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update - Esther Peterson

Hi everybody! Sorry it´s been so long since I´ve been able to write. A lot has happened so I´ll try to fill you in on everything. For one of our last weeks of the school in Corrientes our DTS team, a few staff members, and three girls from a nearby church went on a special camp that YWAM runs. It´s pretty secretive so I can´t tell you much about it, but it was a beautiful and challenging time and a special experience with God. We got back on a Tuesday and then we had to present our book projects, pack up all of our stuff for the outreach, and prepare a dinner of love for our leaders. A dinner of love is a special night of entertainment and good food designed to honor the special guests and let them feel the love of God for them. Our leaders gave us one in the second month of the school and then we got to give one for them. It was a really fun and special time but it was also a lot of work and stress right before we were leaving. We left on Sunday at 4:00 pm and it was really sad to say goodbye to everyone. Our team for Chile ended up as just three girls, two leaders, and a baby, the daughter of one of the leaders. The family in the school was unable to get the documents to leave the country and one of the guys and one of the leaders didn´t have the finances so they´ll be joining us for the second month in south Argentina. One other guy had to travel to get his documents and is supposed to be joining us here any time, but right now we don´t know where he is. But I know where I am. I´m in Chile! Woohoo!! Man, this is a really beautiful country. We arrived here last Wednesday. It was a really beautiful trip by bus over the mountains, and for Mirtha it was her first time seeing snow. Right now we´re in a little town on the ocean called Lebu in the province of Arauco. It´s gorgeous, the mountains and the coean and all the green. We´re ministering in a really neat church here. They have a great pastor and a dedicated congregation of adults and youth. They have services every night and a group of young guys plays the worship music every single night. It´s impressive. The church has been really good to us and we´ve had a great time with the youth. Twice we went to play soccer with them. We´ve done some dramas, helped out with some evangelism in the neighborhood, and done some preaching and teaching. Yesterday one of the leaders taught about intercession and I taught about mission with my translator, Mirtha. It was a pretty cool experience. We´re staying in three different houses. Mirtha and I are staying with this really awesome young family with one little boy. The father is a fisherman and a really a great Christian man. He felt like an uncle, exept that he spoke Spanish. He´s left for the rest of the week for part of his work. On Friday we´re leaving for another city for a week, and after that we´ll be at the YWAM base in Arauco for a week. We all feel really blessed here and would like to come back and visit some time. Well, that´s all the main stuff for now. Thank you all so much for your prayers, I´ve needed them. I don´t know what´s coming next in these two months, but I know that God has brought us here with a purpose and I´m excited to see what He´s gonna do. I love you all heaps and I´m so greatful that God has put you in my life! Esther


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