Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Peterson's Prayer Guide - November 2006

“Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all Christians everywhere.” Ephesians 6:18 Thanks so much for your faithfulness in prayer for us!

Praise God! The neighbor I mentioned in our last prayer guide has come to church faithfully ever since. She even brought her daughter and ex husband one day! I’d like to have the chance to really find out what she understands about the Gospel. Pray for more opportunities with her and others we’re relating to. Please ask God to open doors at a neighborhood event on the 19th.

I was amazed that I was able to complete the whole citizenship application in one day (7 hours on the computer!). I had expected it to take a lot longer than that! The hardest part was digging up dates for all the trips we’ve made outside the US since I became a permanent resident in 1987. What remains now is to gather all the required documents. I also discovered that this application is going to cost $500.00, which we just don’t have at present. Pray for God’s help in these last things so I can get it submitted. Thanks so much!

I have written a first draft of a newsletter, but we haven’t had time to get any further with it. We would like to lay it out ourselves, using a new Photoshop program, but that will take some time. Pray for the ability to learn this new program quickly, that we’ll be diligent to use our time well and have unity as we work on the content for this letter.

Esther will be finishing up her time in Chile and returning to Argentina as you receive this letter. Pray for safety on the bus trip across the Andes. Accidents on that treacherous road seem to be quite common. Pray for endurance and freshness as her team continues to minister and serve different churches each week. The constant change and lack of a place to really relax is difficult for her at times.

Josiah is helping with a “Kids Aid Society” event at his school on the 4th. They’re raising money to help homeless children in this county, and poor children in SriLanka. Pray for a good response from the community. On Nov. 10-11 he is also taking some special training through Focus on the Family called, The Truth Project. It will equip him to teach others a Christian world view. This was his idea and he saved up to go to it. Pray that God will show him how to use this in the days ahead.

We enjoyed the visit from our missionary friends last month and they seemed to be refreshed by our time together. Thanks for praying! We will host another friend, (Stewart Hunt) from Australia Nov. 3-4, and look forward to that very much. We hope to see his wife, the following weekend as well.

Thanks for praying for Gary’s trip to CA for Ray’s memorial service. Gary’s brother drove down to spend a day with him beforehand. Since she was unable to be at the service, Gary visited Ray’s sister in her home afterwards, which seemed to be much appreciated.

Gary’s sermon on Oct. 22 was “anointed in a special way” according to one friend. He sensed the prayers and felt at peace & excited about the opportunity as he shared about who God uses.

Nov. 22 is Gary’s birthday (the day before Thanksgiving this year!). Pray for a special blessing on this husband of mine, will you?

Here is his schedule for November. He’d be grateful for your prayers, for effectiveness in communication and eternal fruit from these events.
1 Monthly Christian Chamber of Commerce Meeting
1-3 Booth at the Florida League of Christian Schools Educators’ Conference
6 Special tour for Church of the Palms & video interview
7 Wordspring will be a polling booth for elections. Gary's working a long day as part of that.
9 Five hour program for 29 middle schoolers from Brush Harbor Christian School
10 Wycliffe Day of Prayer
19-21 Booth at the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) conference


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