Thursday, August 18, 2005

Please Pray for Michael Grainger & David Morris

I just received an email from the security person at Navigator headquarters which gives an update on countries with security issues. The Ivory Coast was rated a # 5 which is the highest and worst rating. Please pray for Michael and David Morris' safety as they are there until Sept.6th.

Thank you!

Tammy Grainger

Monday, August 15, 2005

Trusting God through the Tears

Hello from Utah. Fall is coming and school starts in just two weeks for us. It has been a busy summer, full of the pain and joy that is life. Through it all, God is there with His power and comfort.

As the school year ended last spring, I found out my dad had inoperable cancer. He was given only a few months and though he was 82, it was a shock to us. My brother and I moved my folks from Irvine into an assisted living facility in Yucaipa, near my brother. Campus Crusade enabled us to go to a summer project nearby in San Diego, where we helped train student leaders from all over the Northwest. I was able to join our whole family for our last Father's Day together and it was a special time that meant so much to my dad.

It was unclear how much longer he really had, so we made the decision to go ahead to our bi-annul staff training in Fort Collins, CO. In late July my dad suddenly went downhill drastically. I made the decision to try to be at his side and flew back to So. Calif in a race against time(the hospice workers doubted I would make it) But God was with me as I barely made a plane connection and even sailed through rush hour traffic on the 10. I was able to be with my father during his last hours as our family sang, prayed and held his hand and soon he stepped into the presence of his Lord Jesus. Miriam and the kids drove back from Colorado to Utah and then flew out for the memorial services. The services were truly meaningful and a celebration of my dad's life.

I loved my father very much. He was a truly good man and a pillar of his church. He loved and took care of his wife for 54 years and supported me in everything I have ever done. I praise God I could be there with him at the end, as he has always been there for me.

If you think of it, please pray for my mom as she now lives alone and for our whole family as we mourn, yet celebrate the joy he is now experiencing. I would appreciate your prayers as we get ready for another year reaching students with the gospel. I will miss my dad's thoughts and prayers, the conversations about all that is happening as I start my 20th year of ministry with Campus Crusade. Sometimes it is hard to focus on all I need to do. I am indeed grateful for the fellowship we have with you and the sustaining power of God's love. -Rob Gunn

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Power Is On!

Michael Grainger arrived safely in the West African country of Ivory Coast. The Navigators have been building six apartments (expandable to 24) to provide a revenue source to fund ministry in Western Africa (see previous post below). Michael's goal in traveling to Ivory Coast is to finish the apartments so they can be turned over to tenants.

A major prayer item was that the utility company would provide the electrical meter. The day before Michael left, he found out that the electrical company had lost their records. However, before Michael landed on Tuesday the electrical company had found the records and by Thursday morning the electrical meter had been installed and the power was on!

Michael wrote in an email:
" became very obvious that many of you were praying. Proverbs 21:1 - The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases. I was talking to some of the local Navigators leadership yesterday and they said 'Merci mille fois', thank you a thousand times for helping the ministry in such a tangible way."

  • Praise God that the power is now on at the apartment building.
  • Praise God that Tammy feels better since having a migraine headache.
  • Pray for Ariel, Malia and Derek as they start school this Monday (Ariel's first year in High School).
  • Pray for all the tasks remaining to be accomplished to finish the apartments.
  • Pray for Michael's trip to Burkina Faso to assist in opening the Navigators' medical clinic.
  • Continue to pray for God's hand to be on Michael - for his safety and success.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Michael Grainger on his way to Africa

This morning Michael Grainger departed from Denver, Colorado on his way to Africa. He will be in Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) for 2 weeks. During that time he hopes to turn over six of the apartments that the Navigators have been building. The apartment units will provide on ongoing income source for the Navigator ministries in Ivory Coast. Please pray that the utility companies will act favorably and that the apartments will be able to be turned over to tenants.

Michael will spend an additional two weeks in Burkina Faso (the country to the north). He will be unpacking and setting up medical equipment in hopes of opening the Navigators' new medical clinic. This clinic has the potential to make a major impact in the area as medical facilities are extremely rare in this area.

The current plan is for Michael to return home on September 5th. Please pray for:

  • Safety and success
  • For Tammy as she remains home in Colorado (Tammy was suffering from a migrane as Mike was leaving)
  • For Ariel, Malia and Derek as they are about to start a new school year
  • That God would build His church and bring glory to Himself through the Grainger's labors for the Lord

    You can email Michael at