Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nigeria Conference

It's Thurs. 11:15. The conference is hopefully going to start later today, weather permitting. A storm may be coming. The nation basically goes on hold from around noon to 4 due to the extreme heat. The conference will be here in Otupko on the school grounds affiliated with Samuel's church. Approx. 600 are expected to attend. The weather is very hot, the people are very kind, and the food has been very different yet very good. Danny has been preparing his messages and I am ready (I think). We will have translators for those in attendance who don't speak Eng. There is a tremendous amount of poverty and yet many here are rich in the Lord. Frequently I have been told "you are welcome" with sincere hearts. Donny

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Donny Valliere and Danny Edwards arrive in Nigeria

Donny and Danny have arrived in Nigeria. Between 700-800 people are expected to attend the conference. Danny will be preaching and Donny will be facilitating workshops dealing with family matters. It is hot there but not as hot as it often gets. Donny says life is so different there and is experiencing some culture shock. The poverty is overwhelming and his heart aches for the children. They are thankful that the Lord is using them and thankful for your prayers.

Ayu (artist) and Corliss

Our hosts - Nugroho and Wani

Back Home from Indonesia and Singapore

We had plenty of time to reflect on our experiences in Indonesia and Singapore during the 26-hour transit back to Colorado Springs on Sunday March 20. We got to live that day a second time after crossing the International Date Line! There are so many things to share, and limiting it to a few highlights will be difficult.

The time in Bandung, Indonesia with 40 Indonesian Navigator staff was as much a blessing for us as for them. We helped them work through to an understanding of their God-given design and desires, and the implications that could have on their work in ministry and on their personal lives. It was a "freeing" experience for them as they realized that they were "allowed" to do the work of ministry under the Navigator Mission in ways consistent with their inner design and not just according to a preconceived methology of ministry.

A highlight for Corliss was a heart-connection she experienced with an Indonesian staff wife who is an artist struggling with how her art contributes directly to the Great Commission. Not knowing her struggle, we shared how Corliss had struggled similarly in the past and how the Lord had set her free to express His glory in art. It was a touching and tearful moment as the experience of grace and truth set Ayu free!

A highlight for me (Jim) was the eager reception from the Indonesians of the day-long process we call "Learning God's Lessons Through Life's Experiences." They are culturally a story-telling people, so as we led them through the discovery and development of their own life lessons, their response was wholehearted enjoyment! Using Psalm 78:1-8 as a basis, we helped them develop ministry messages that can give direction and content to their ministries that will help others to "set their hope in God."

So much more to share, but right now we are recovering from jet lag and some bad microbes we picked up!

Thanks so much for your prayers and helpful support in this God-given opportunity to help advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Jim & Corliss Mock

Monday, March 21, 2005

Prayer for Easter Outreach in Utah

Please pray for our outreach this Thursday at Utah State. We are giving out cd-roms on the real Jesus entitled "Who is He" and promoting a sunrise service Easter morning. This is an annual event involving several churches, and this year our students will be doing the praise and worship. Rob has been invited to be the speaker. Each year non-believers and Mormons come with their friends.Please pray for him as he prepares and for good weather too! It is snowing here today! Thank you! -Rob and Miriam Gunn

Friday, March 18, 2005

Danny Edwards and Donny Valliere heading to Nigeria

It has been quite a journey to arrive at this time, on the threshold of a visit to Nigeria. Wow, we are actually leaving tomorrow and after about 24 hours of actual travel time with a few stops will be arriving in Nigeria next Tuesday. After visiting a couple of the churches in the area on Wednesday and Thursday the Easter conference will begin and continue throughout the weekend. We will be preaching several messages and conducting workshops on the home, marriage and family. The theme of the conference is “Christ our Life” from Col 3:1-4. The young people are on ‘holiday’ so will also be in attendance. Many of the high school aged young adults are away for school most of the year, so it is great that they will be able to be involved in the conference. We are expecting 400-500 believers from many churches throughout Benue State, the conference itself will be held in a city called Otukpo. We are also planning on visiting the school where they are beginning to build their science building, I may be able to give some advice about the structure, but their standards and way of building is a lot different from here. They have a school of about 100 or so students of which approximately 15% are orphans, the orphans actually live among the Christian families that are part of the church. We are contributing several thousand dollars to help with the newest building, several people have come forward and wanted to give for this endeavor.
So thank you for praying for Donny, Roger Grant from Chicago and myself. We look forward to telling you all that the Lord does for us and the work in Nigeria.

Yours in Christ,

Danny Edwards

Friday, March 04, 2005

Fred & Marilyn West Prayer and Praise March 2005

Fred’s Corner
It was February so it must’ve been Wycliffe’s Southeast Regional office! I spent the week of February 7th at the Southeast office which is located near Atlanta, Georgia. Ray Parker, the Operations Manager there, has a heavy load of responsibilities both in the office and at home. At the office he oversees housing, finance, donor car program, facilities and often fills in where needed. On the home front he helps his wife, Linda who has Parkinson’s. Take a look at our Wycliffe website to see pictures of our recent trips. The WEB address is below. Please pray for Ray and Linda. Pray also for the Southeast office as they work on developing a tour of Bible translation. They will be using this to reach out to the surrounding communities’ churches, schools, and other groups.

Marilyn’s Corner
Heather has finished her AIM course. She will formally receive her Bachelors degree from Judson College in Elgin, IL on April 30th. We’re so proud of her! Through this she has grown and gained much needed confidence and healing. Now with the completion of this study, I feel freer to see what God has for me. Last October I attended a presentation on a program called WORD which is part of our Stewardship Ministries department. After much discussion and prayer, I’ve accepted a position that allows me to travel with Fred to each of the regional offices to share WORD with staff and churches. The goal of WORD is to orient people to the need for literacy projects to be conducted along side Bible translation. A completed New Testament without people being able to read it is a “closed” book.

Prayer and Praise Corner
Thank you for your prayers and for your faithfulness!

Praise that Heather has completed her course of study and is facing the future with healing, confidence and enthusiasm.

Praise that our son-in-law Chris has a job! He and Erika have settled into a church in South Haven, Michigan where Chris is quite involved with the youth program.

Pray for God’s leading as Heather looks to the future.

Pray for safety as we make 2 trips in March. Our schedule is March 7-11 we travel to Wycliffe’s headquarters in Orlando and March 20-26 we will be at Wycliffe’s Northeast office in Pennsylvania.

Pray for us as we continue to balance our work with Wycliffe and home.

Join in the celebration! Over 436,000 more people have access to God's Word in their heart language! Pray that God will "sanctify them by the truth." Of New Testaments tracked in the New Testament Nearing Completion Prayer Project five were dedicated in January 2005 and one was dedicated in February; another will be dedicated in March. Rejoice in the Lord and praise Him for His faithfulness!

January – Guaymi – Panama, Tamagsheq – Mali, Cajamarca Quechua – Peru, Saniyo-Hiyewe - Papua New Guinea, Cacua - South America

Feb & March – Tuyuca - South America, Kamula - Papua New Guinea

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