Monday, April 04, 2005

Nigeria Trip

Danny and I deeply appreciate all those who have prayed and supported us. It is great to be home. I've heard of culture shock but have never experienced it to this degree before. The heat, the millions of impoverished children, the lack of clean and running water, the piles of trash, the devastation because of AIDS, contrasted with a people who have found a peace in the moment and a hope for a home where the streets are gold instead of running sewers.
We spoke at the Easter conference sponsored by the local church in Otupko, pop. of around 250,000. We did not see any white people after we left the capital of Abuja. Consequently the believers in Otupko were encouraged to have brothers of the faith come from so far away and make such as effort to come and support and teach them. It was a blessing to touch the children and unite with other saints in serving the God we love. May every tongue, every tribe, every people, every land, give glory, give honor, give praise unto the Lamb of God. Thank-you again for uplifting us in prayer. God bless. Donny


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Praise God!!!


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