Friday, March 18, 2005

Danny Edwards and Donny Valliere heading to Nigeria

It has been quite a journey to arrive at this time, on the threshold of a visit to Nigeria. Wow, we are actually leaving tomorrow and after about 24 hours of actual travel time with a few stops will be arriving in Nigeria next Tuesday. After visiting a couple of the churches in the area on Wednesday and Thursday the Easter conference will begin and continue throughout the weekend. We will be preaching several messages and conducting workshops on the home, marriage and family. The theme of the conference is “Christ our Life” from Col 3:1-4. The young people are on ‘holiday’ so will also be in attendance. Many of the high school aged young adults are away for school most of the year, so it is great that they will be able to be involved in the conference. We are expecting 400-500 believers from many churches throughout Benue State, the conference itself will be held in a city called Otukpo. We are also planning on visiting the school where they are beginning to build their science building, I may be able to give some advice about the structure, but their standards and way of building is a lot different from here. They have a school of about 100 or so students of which approximately 15% are orphans, the orphans actually live among the Christian families that are part of the church. We are contributing several thousand dollars to help with the newest building, several people have come forward and wanted to give for this endeavor.
So thank you for praying for Donny, Roger Grant from Chicago and myself. We look forward to telling you all that the Lord does for us and the work in Nigeria.

Yours in Christ,

Danny Edwards


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Tim Weaver said...

Thanks Danny.

You are in our prayers. Look forward to the report.


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