Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Back Home from Indonesia and Singapore

We had plenty of time to reflect on our experiences in Indonesia and Singapore during the 26-hour transit back to Colorado Springs on Sunday March 20. We got to live that day a second time after crossing the International Date Line! There are so many things to share, and limiting it to a few highlights will be difficult.

The time in Bandung, Indonesia with 40 Indonesian Navigator staff was as much a blessing for us as for them. We helped them work through to an understanding of their God-given design and desires, and the implications that could have on their work in ministry and on their personal lives. It was a "freeing" experience for them as they realized that they were "allowed" to do the work of ministry under the Navigator Mission in ways consistent with their inner design and not just according to a preconceived methology of ministry.

A highlight for Corliss was a heart-connection she experienced with an Indonesian staff wife who is an artist struggling with how her art contributes directly to the Great Commission. Not knowing her struggle, we shared how Corliss had struggled similarly in the past and how the Lord had set her free to express His glory in art. It was a touching and tearful moment as the experience of grace and truth set Ayu free!

A highlight for me (Jim) was the eager reception from the Indonesians of the day-long process we call "Learning God's Lessons Through Life's Experiences." They are culturally a story-telling people, so as we led them through the discovery and development of their own life lessons, their response was wholehearted enjoyment! Using Psalm 78:1-8 as a basis, we helped them develop ministry messages that can give direction and content to their ministries that will help others to "set their hope in God."

So much more to share, but right now we are recovering from jet lag and some bad microbes we picked up!

Thanks so much for your prayers and helpful support in this God-given opportunity to help advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Jim & Corliss Mock


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Debbie J. said...

Thanks for the post on your trip. It sounds like you had a great time, were blessed and were a blessing to others. I hope you're feeling better soon. We miss you!


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